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Welcome to the sesame street rocks banner exchange home page

This page will list the links of everyone who has the sesame street rocks banner on thier site and will also show you what the requirements are to put a banner on your site.

OK so you may ask yourself what the hell is the sesame street rocks banner exchange?
It is basically similar to a web ring, but a little different, what it will achieve for your website is hopefully more traffic, which means more hits on your site. Its basically like a links page, all the user does is just clicks on the banner thats placed on your site and it will take them to the links webpage where all other registered banner holders have their site links displayed.
Pretty cool huh. If your site is registered on here then you may get extra people coming to your website.

How do you register your site?

Pretty easy, but before i go through the registration details, there are a few requirement that we ask of you before you can become a member of the sesame street rocks banner exchange.
That is, you will be sent a banner (same as the one that you probably clicked on). This banner must be displayed on the front page of your website. We dont care where you display it on the front page thats upto you, but we do ask for you to display it on the front page. If we do find that the banner isnt displayed on the front page of your website we will remove your link from our links page, which ultimatly means less people coming to your website.
The final requirement is about website content. We will refuse membership if your website contains material of pornographic nature, offensive/racist material, has hacking, warez, phreaking, cracking etc content, states exploits of computer systems/software or contains denail of service material.
These are the only requirements that have to be met. Also sesame street rocks has the right to refuse membership and/or remove your link from our links page.

If your site meets the above criteria, and you would like to become a member, all you have to do is send an email to

In the email include your websites address, website name, a short description of it and the name you would like to appear as the author on our links page.
We will then email you back the required information for you to set up your banner on your website.

Thank you for your interest in the SESAME STREET ROCKS banner exchange.

SESAME STREET ROCKS banner exchange is kokane & Pils (2000)
All enquiries can be made to