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The third incarnation of the site. Wealth of information about HTML, IRC, latest music, Chillum (my band) pics & music downloads, poetry, internet security issues & help, benson the bengal, search engines, & stax of links...
s h i n t a r a . n e t
Website that contains irc information, mirc scripts, irc client information, get it off your chest section plus lots more.
Lisa_'s site
Come visit Lisa's world, it's bright, fun and you get to laugh your butt off at the #fun.poolside chatters, especially the hosts and all without being kicked. Come on in for your daily laugh, after all they do say laughter is the best medicine.
Watchdogs site
For IRC, Scripts, Links, Stuff about me and fun & games.
Watchdogs IRC InfoServ
Extensive IRC related information for everyone.
GeekBot Forum
***BRAND NEW*** The Forum where anything goes. Discuss music, movies, IRC, wicked websites, security issues, WinDoZe, linux, UBB code hacks, Deep thoughts, Sport, poetry, PLUS anything geek (especially the coke bottle & pocket protector stuff)... If u need to get a load off DIS is da place!!!
Everything about nothing, great links to flash 4 pages, and other links in general, poems, irc stuff, and other garbage. :-)
The always changing Alchemy including HTML help - mIRC stuff - links - and info about Alchemist's net projects.
KryPtik's KorNer - The K FaKtor
A small basic personal website with a bitta this and a bitta that. Also some scripting info some downloads and links.
This is the new and improved Please enjoy your stay and make sure you explore the whole site!!!
gg's Home Page
Come in and join the home of gGiant where you can find out more about me and my buddies.
Troy & Shell World
Our World, Our Net, Our Friends
Welcome to adio. This site has a lot of things on it to do with mIRC like scripts, sounds, IRC jokes, downloads & much more. Come in and check it out for yourself.
Princess_ChickEE's Site
Come visit Bad Baby's site... An orgiastic feast for the senses with cool Pics, crazy cocktails, zany cartoons, links and so much more!!!!
Web Awards International
The definitive awards site! If you think your site deserves an award, or would like to nominate someone else then this is the site for you :)
Personal homepage of MrLeN. Constantly under constructin and updated. Contains everything that I find useful on the net. It is intended to be a source of help and interest for newbies and friends.
Owen's Dot Com
Come to Owen's Dot Com. All the latest computing news. All the latest programs. And all the latest movies to keep you entertained. Hey, it's better than genital electrocution.
Pretty Tear
Pretty Tears Sesame Street
Poetry, a gallery, a link to my online journal... -I can be everybody but im trying to be me-
HoAX Scriptz
The Original Home of HoAX Scripts, mIRC Tutorials, mIRC Addons, Links.

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